Well, hate is such a strong word.... Irritation? Bemusement? Anyway, it seems like the new thing that people are all, "Ugh, what's next" about that hits the hipsterhate center of the brain.

But, I mean, is it really that bad? The way I look at it post-2000 style has just been an endless cycle of throwbacks to different decades, with several decades merging together at times to create some serious sartorial coolness. When the 80s reared its big haired head (minus the hair, thank the gods) we all knew that the 90s was next, right? Normcore is just the post-2000 reiteration of grunge, though, innit? I'm kinda digging it, everything looks totally comfortable and IMO we should all enjoy it in case the dreaded mons pubis bearing low waistlines come back (knocks on all the wood). I, for one, have reevaluated my position on pleated front pants.


This has probably already been said, it's not exactly groundbreaking. So, is it the name that people don't like? I'd agree that "grunge" is a far superior term. But, seriously, who's going sweat pants shopping with me?

(The pic is from a blog that I don't understand, but she's pretty fabulous. Go check out her awesomeness.)