So, I’m about to start on Blissful from the Stitch ‘N Bitch Crochet book. (I hate the first half of the book, but kept it because I liked some of the patterns. The patterns are turning out to be sort of terribly-written, though.) I have the errata, and this isn’t covered in them:

At one point, the instructions say, “dc2tog worked across next 3 stitches.” I know how to dc2tog, no problem—it’s the doing it across 3 stitches that has me confused. Do I use the 1st and 3rd stitch for the dc2tog, skipping the 2nd stitch?

In other news, I cast on my first knitting project today. I may have made a tremendous mistake, as it’s not a plain rectangle (it’s a triangle), but I don’t care. If it’s a disaster, it’s a disaster, and I’ll frog it and try again.