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Winter Hat Knitalong Time!

Hi guys, so let's do this. Winter is coming <insert game of thrones gif here> and we need cute headwear. Even for the millions of kinja-ites who seem to reside in Texas, surely you can use a hat, right?

So, let's do a KAL. A knitalong is a great opportunity to have some motivaiton, ask for help if you need it, and just enjoy knitting with friends / arch-enemies.

Here's the hat I propose. The Star-Crossed Beret by Natalie Larson. It's a free pattern, and one of the most popular of all the patterns on ravelry (!!).


Here are the skills you'll need to have or learn:

-Cast on, simple rib, knit in the round, reduce as needed (k2tog), cast off
-Simple cables (I mean very simple, if you can knit, you can do these)

-Chunky yarn (so it's quicker than other options)
-Circular needles
-A cable needle (you can use just about anything for this. I've use a pencil before. It just needs to be able to hold the stitches)

One thing I will say is that I made this years ago and while it's a great pattern I did something silly and forgot the three stitches in between each cable, which means I ended up with a weird tube. Don't forget those!

SO, how does this sound? Who's in? Shall we cast on on this weekend? Or next weekend to allow people time to get yarn?

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